Madness Guide

The Human-Computer Interaction Archive

Archival papers and notes document work that makes a lasting and significant contribution to our knowledge and understanding of human-computer interaction.

submit by 19 Sept 2007
  • Papers 10 page archival format
  • Notes 4 page archival format
  • Submissions open Aug 19
Contemporary Trends

Contemporary Trends provoke, intrigue, and inspire the CHI audience. These submissions record the history of HCI practice.

submit by 15 June 2007
submit by 3 Oct 2007
submit by 8 Jan 2008

These venues are new and extend the boundaries of the CHI Conference.

submit by 3 Oct 2007

Competitions provide students with an opportunity to work on challenging problems, to exchange ideas, and to compete for awards that provide recognition of excellence.

submit by 8 Jan 2008